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Hello World!

My name is Dan Ferguson, and this is my personal website. Please take a few minutes to browse around at the content I’ve posted here! Some of it is my own, and some is content created by others which I have found to be very informative. I hope you enjoy your time here; please feel free to reach out on social media if you want to chat!

Recent Posts

Snowflake External Functions

8 minute read

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing company. They specialize in provisioning on-demand compute and elastic storage for data warehousing applications...

AWS Well-Architected 2020

5 minute read

Ippon USA has been working to lock in Well-Architected status in the North America region for the last six months. By the end of 2019, Ippon USA will join I...

Java 13 Release Features

9 minute read

Ever since Oracle took over the long-term advancement of the Java programming language, Java has been upgraded on a semi-annual release schedule. Tuesday, S...

Ippon’s RVA WAR Tour

8 minute read

Ippon Technologies recently trained their two North America based Solutions Architects to conduct Well-Architected Reviews. I am one of those architects, an...

Best Practices for Amazon EMR

8 minute read

This blog post summarizes the main points in the AWS white paper titled “Best Practices for Amazon EMR” written by Parviz Deyhim in August 2013. The paper c...

Comparing Java LTS Releases

18 minute read

The last 5 years have seen some rapid changes in the way new versions of the Java Development Kit is deployed and maintained. Traditionally, new Java versio...